Nano Corporation is engaged in development and manufacturing of precision processing machines including small milling machine and small lathe.


Super-small precision milling machine NANOWAVE MTS5R

Main features

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MTS5R milling machine (Standard-type) Mechanical Specifications

Items Specifications Remarks
Structure   Horizontal milling machine structure (※Applicable to vertical milling machine structure)  
Processing range Recommended processing range About 60 x 30 x 5mm  
Table Stroke X: 100mm/Y: 50mm/Z: 30mm  
Size of work area (Z axis stand-side) 83 x 65mm  
Max. movable weight 5kg  
Least command increment 0.0001mm  
Rapid feed speed Max. 6,000mm/min  
Guide face Cross roller guide  
Feed screw Precision ball screw  
Straightness of each surface when moving Within 0.002mm/100mm (※Within 0.001mm/100mm is possible.)  
Repeated positioning accuracy ±0.001mm  
Main spindle Number of revolution ±0.1 to 20,000min-1  
Unit of angle positioning 1deg.  
Simultaneous operation/thread cutting operation Possible.  
Chuck type Collet chuck  
Range of gripping diameter φ0.2 to 10.0mm (※For diameter requirement with fraction, please consult us.) φ0.2 to 10.0mm (※For diameter requirement with fraction, please consult us.)  
Main spindle through-hole Processing is possible (φ3mm or less)  
Accuracy of main spindle runout 2μm or less (※1μm or less is possible)  
Workpiece holder Precision vice For fixing block material Optional
Round workpiece holder For fixing round bar material Optional
T-grooved bed Universal bed (※We also make holders of special specifications) Optional
Required power source Power source AC100V 70W  
Air pressure source 0.5MPa, 10NL/min  
Dimensions Machine W560 x D620 x H505mm  
Control box W370 x D450 x H180mm  
Weight Machine 65kg  
Control box 16kg  
Options Oil mist feeding device Chip removal & coolant (※Compressed air source is required separately.)  

NC device specifications

●:Standard ○:Optional

Items Specifications Remarks
NC type PC NC   Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/7(PC-AT) 32bit version
Connection method USB connection   USB2.0
Code system G code    
Control axis Control axis   X, (Y), Z, S (Main spindle)
No. of simultaneous control axis   Positioning: 4/linear interpolation:4/circular interpolation:2
Minimum setting unit     0.0001mm (X/Y/Z axis)
    1°(Main spindle)
Manual operation Zero return    
Jog operation    
Inching operation    
Manual pulser operation    
Sub spindle operation    
Feed function Rapid feed speed   Max. 6,000mm/min
Speed override   0 to 200%
Tool length compensation      
Program operation NC program Maximum block number (in automatic operation mode) 888 blocks  
DNC operation    
Subprogram No. of setting labels in 1 program Max. 100 pcs
(In automatic operation mode) No. of repeated readouts Max. 50,000 times
  No. of nesting Max. 20 times
Single block    
Macro functions      
Applicable G code Movement command Absolute command G90
Incremental command G91
Rapid feed G00
Linear interpolation G01
Circular interpolation G02 (CW circular interpolation)
  G03 (CCW circular interpolation)
Helical movement G02 (CW helical movement)
  G03 (CCW helical movement)
Dwell G04
Thread cutting G33
Positioning finish check G61 (With positioning finish check)
  G64 (Without positioning finish check)
Program stop M00
Optional stop M01
Mechanical coordinate system absolute command G28
Feed speed Feed per minute G94 F*
Feed per revolution G95 F*
Main spindle command Continuous normal rotation S* / M03 (Main spindle normal rotation)
Continuous reverse rotation S-* / M04 (Main spindle reverse rotation)
Stop S0 / M05 (Main spindle stop)
Rotation angle positioning C*
Tool command Tool designation/tool change T*
End of program End of program M30
Coordinate change/setting Tool diameter compensation/nose R compensation G40 (Cancelling Tool diameter/nose R compensation)
  G41 (Tool diameter/nose R compensation - LH side)
  G42 (Tool diameter/nose R compensation - RH side)
Workpiece coordinate system (Off-line setting) G54 - G59
Workpiece coordinate system (Setting during execution) G92
Coordinate plane designation G17 (XY plane)
  G18 (ZX plane)
  G19 (YZ plane)
Program laborsaving Subprogram M98 (Calling)
  M98 (Calling)
Outer/inner diameter rough cutting cycle G71
End face rough cutting cycle G72
Closed-loop cutting cycle G73
Finishing cycle G70
Outer/inner diameter cutting cycle G77
Single thread cutting cycle G78
End face cutting cycle G79
Spot drilling cycle G81
Spot drilling cycle dwell G82
Peck drilling cycle (high-speed deep hole) G83
Peck drilling cycle (detail) G84
Boring cycle cancellation G80
Boring cycle zero return G98
Boring cycle return to point R G99
Peripheral devices control Universal contact point ON/OFF M11 to M18 (Channel 1 to 8 contact points ON)
  M21 to M28 (Channel 1 to 8 contact points OFF)
Sub spindle control A1 to 8 S* (A1 to 8 Normal rotation/reverse rotation/Stop)


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