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Download MTS Software

Update date/time 2013/12/12
Version ver.468E
Updated content
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Procedure for setting up software

  1. The downloaded software is in zip format.
    We offer decompression software separately to decompress file.
    It is possible to have you decompress it to any location.
    The following folders are available in the decompressed folder.
  2. Please start the "MTS.exe" present in the, "Release" folder if you want to use the software.
    If you wish to move only the executable file to a different location, you can create a shortcut icon, and please move the shortcut icon to your desired location.
  3. If you wish to delete an earlier version of the software, please delete it folder-wise.
    ※ However, the operation is not influenced affected even if an older version of the software remains in your PC.
  4. You can check the version type of software.
    (MTS software start ➔"Help"➔"Version Information of MTS.")
    Please check whether the downloaded software is the latest version.
  5. For detailed modification history till date, please download the data (PDF file) of a modification history.
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