Super-small precision milling machine NANOWAVE MTS5R

Super-small precision milling machine NANOWAVE  MTS5R Authorized edition of desktop CNC machine tool. All 3 of these operations can be done using this 1 machine! Lathe  Milling  Grinding ※BT manual work holder on the table is option.

Primary Features

Processing sample

Stepped fine pin processing
Workpiece:Brass bar

Groove processing of glass
Workpiece: Soda-lime glass
Dimension: Groove width 0.4mm Groove depth 0.05mm

Fine mold processing
Workpiece:φ5 Brass bar
Dimension:Hole dimension 1mmx1mm、Center pin φ0.2mm

Waveform-shaped groove
Workpiece:Brass plate
Dimension:Groove width 0.3mm R0.3

The detail specification of product outline dimensions, weight and each table is described in product information leaflet.
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