1995 August Established by D Eng Akira Hayashi at Kugahara Ota-ku, Tokyo, with paid-in capital of JPN YEN 10 million.
Manufacturing of Lab equipments and instruments for research institutes initiated.
1996 October Joint announcement with Keio University in ISMTII "Development of a Roundness Measurement System for Parallel Rollers based on a V Block Double Enlargement Devices."
1997 January " Research and development business plan of precision lathe with high precision both V guide" is certified by Tokyo Metropolitan in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 Section 3 Act on Temporary Measures concerning the Promotion of small and medium enterprises with Creative Business Activities.
1998 March A casting manipulator mechanism and stretching two-legged walking robot delivered to Agency of Industrial Science and Mechanical-Technology Engineering Laboratory.
1999 July Obtained a trademark registration for “NANOWAVE”
August For the "development of precision turning board with high precision V guide", management and technical activation subsidized project’s grant shall be issued from Tokyo Metropolitan Small Business Promotion Agency.
2000 April Capital increased to JPN YEN 20 million. Started sales of “precision aspherical lathe NANOWAVE UPL1”
September Started sales of “high-speed tool servo system NANOWAVE”
2001 April Started sales of “precision CNC high hardness mold material cutting machine NANOWAVE UPL2”
May The capital increased to 30 million yen.
September Obtained medical device manufacturing license by Tokyo Metropolitan.
November Started sales of A6 size micro machine tool series No. 1: “ desktop lathe NANOWAVE MTS1”
December The utility model of "oral lighting device" was obtained.
2002 February The certification as an "excellent factory" in Ota-ward.
Awards received by the general department.
The capital increased to JPN YEN 50 million.
March Started sales of “oral illumination device NANOWAVE DLD3”
The first issue of the device delivered to, Showa University Dental Hospital Conservation Laboratory.
April Started sales of” Super-small precision lathe CNS NANOWAVE MTS2” of postcard size.
Started sales of “improved precision CNC lathe aspherical NANOWAVE UPL3”
December Obtained trademark registration "NANOWAVE" in Madrid treaty member countries other than USA.
2003 April Started sales of “Super-small precision lathe CNS NANOWAVE MTS3”
May Technical center established in Asahi-cho Ota-ku Tokyo.
August Factory division relocated to Tunashima Higashi Kohoku-ku Yokohama.
October Headquarters relocated to Haneda Asahi-cho Ota-ku Tokyo.
2004 January Delivered precision machining lathe NANOWAVE UPL5 to the National University of Singapore.
April Started sales of “micro-machine tools NANOWAVE MTS4” for education facilities.
November Patented product "micro machine for automatic chuck"
December Started sales of “image scanner NANOWAVE SIS1”
Obtained a trademark registration for “NANOWAVE” in the USA.
2005 January Started sales of “Super-small precision CNC milling machine NANOWAVE MTS5/MTS6”
2006 August All departments (management division, manufacturing division, technical development division and sales division) are moved to Yokohama, to the present address.
2007 April Headquarters relocated to Kamata Ota-ku Tokyo.
2008 February Started sales of “Super-small precision complex processing system NANOWAVE OMS1”
2010 April Started sales of “Super-small precision turning center NANOWAVE MTS3S”
Started sales of “Super-small precision milling machine NANOWAVE MTS5R”
2010 November Headquarters relocated to Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.
2010 October WAVE2011 conference participated in Canada.
2012 November Exhibited “Super-small precision milling machine NANOWAVE MTS5R” at the MEDICA2013 held in Germany.
2013 July Made an observation visit to the Clinical Lab Expo held in Huston, U.S.A.
2017 December Obtained certificate for Excellent Plant of Small Enterprise by Kanagawa Prefecture.
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