Nano Corporation is engaged in development and manufacturing of precision processing machines including small milling machine and small lathe.


Message from President

"Nano Corporation was founded by Dr. Eng. Akira Hayashi in 1995, the former president who passed away in 2010. Succeeding his will, I have been in charge of the company to this day. Through fusion of leading-edge technology and mastery of techniques, Nano Corporation has earned deep trust by customers in terms of manufacturing and sales of small milling machines, small lathes and precision parts. It is no exaggeration to say that small lathes and small milling machines used for precision processing are kind of a pioneer in the field of micro factory that is expected to develop from now on."

"For products that support our daily lives, including mobile phones, PCs, AV devices, and electric al appliances, miniaturization and performance improvement have realized drastic energy savings. While those small products are, contrary to expectations, made with very large equipment, their component parts processed with machines are getting smaller every year, Ability of producing necessary parts in necessary quantity and at necessary time is essential to deal with the market needs changing on daily basis. Since space and power savings work in favor of economic environmental load reduction, miniaturization of machine tools that enable precision processing will become increasingly popular."

To promote transition of plants to micro factory, Nano Corporation is engaged in development of small machine tools that enable precision processing, including desktop-sized small milling machines and small lathes. These small machine tools are being used in various fields, including not only manufacturing industry but also practical workshop training and R&D in research institutes such as universities.

As a pioneer in the forthcoming micro factory era, in an aim to make an innovation in manufacturing industry, we will strive toward further enhancement.


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